Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New site!

I have great news!!!
My new site design is ready and I am currently importing and exporting postings, editing content and I really hope that by the end of the week I'll have done enough , so I can present you my new website with the new design etc.

This is to say, that I'm not going to post here anything until then.
I am posting all the news posts ( by content) in the new website, so you can see it all at once when I am ready.

But don't worry! You still are going to be able to access my site from this link ( the blog)! But if you want, you are going to have the option to subscribe for a specific part of it as well, for example you are a cake lover and want to see what is new in cakes only, you can recieve a notification for each new posting I add in Cakes.

I have tons of new stuff, tutorials, new crafts you haven't seen etc, so I really hope you enjoy it once I am ready!
Have your fingers crossed to see the new site this week! :-)


Краси said...

Харесвам нещата,които правиш и споделяш.Бих искала да ти предложа една награда на

Tandoori said...

Краси, благодаря ти!!! Много оценявам, като пусна новия сайт ще кача наградата, просто в блога ми в момента не мога да качва нищо ново :-)
Благодаря ти!

Anonymous said...

wonderful share, great article, very usefull for me...thanks

Darryl Tay said...

“…you are going to have the option to subscribe for a specific part of it as well…” This is a great idea! Being able to subscribe to posts makes navigation for users easier. This could very well keep your visitors coming back. As long as you’re keeping the content in those tags up to date, you’re sure to keep a solid audience.

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